One of the most important components of your intake process is ensuring that you are appropriately tracking your potential leads. Having strong tracking procedures and software in place will give you a sense of relief that everything is being handled properly. Your intake staff needs to know that they must be accountable for their actions.

This accountability will empower them to perform at their best.

At Maximum Intake Consulting, we understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) that need to be periodically tracked and the reasons why they need to be tracked. For example, your firm should be tracking, amongst other KPIs, the following:

  • Your weekly/monthly/yearly conversion percentage;
  • ROI for each marketing campaign;
  • The frequency and methods¬†by which your law firm is following up with potential leads;
  • The average time it takes to respond to a lead;
  • The performance of each of your intake specialists;

… and many other vital KPIs to ensure that your law firm is being proactive and thorough in its attempt to maximize the intake process.

If you are interested in developing tracking procedures or improving upon your existing tracking procedures, contact us at (844) Max-Intake.