Jerry Parker, Owner at Parker Waichman LLP

It amazes me how many firms do not understand the great financial impact of implementing and using high functioning new case intake procedures. Even small mistakes can cost your firm millions of dollars a year, no matter how many new case intakes you have each year. The problem is often the result of the belief that we are doing everything the best it can be done since that is the way we always did it. The fact is most firms have never had their intake process analyzed by someone with the skills of a new case intake professional – NEVER!! Times have changed – Big Time! And so has the level of your competition. There are real game-changing new case intake procedures the vast majority of law firms lack, which if implemented, will greatly enhance your firm’s profitability, with little cost to the firm. Gary, by way of training he received running the intake department at Parker Waichman LLP and the systems he has learned since, has the ability to quickly analyze a firm’s intake procedures and recommend and implement policies and procedures that will greatly improve your firm’s profitability. I would not be surprised to see an increase in retained cases of 20% or more after Gary’s suggestions are fully implemented. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who wants to see a dramatic increase in the percentage of new cases retained by their firm.

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