Success Breeds Content

One of the general conclusions that I’ve reached as an Intake Expert/Consultant is that as we become more successful, we move away from what brought us success in the first place. Most successful personal injury attorneys started out hungry. And that hunger resulted in hustling. And I mean the type of hustling portrayed in the movies: Hospital visits, hand-holding, personal relationships, strong customer service… (you get the picture).

You see when you are a hungry attorney and money is needed (not only wanted), there is nothing going to stop you from converting a claimant into a client. And it’s that attitude that propels many to success.

Here’s the problem: As we become successful, clients no longer become needed. They only become wanted. That change in mentality breeds content. And that contentment reveals itself in the way we handle our leads. Simply put, there is a HUGE difference in the way we treat our INTAKE process when we only want to sign clients.

Don’t believe me? Start opening up some Intakes that you wanted to sign and failed to do so. Look at the attempts that were made. Look at the follow-up frequency. Listen to what was said to the caller. Look at your response time. Would a hungry attorney have done the same thing? We both know the answer.

I’m a strong believer that you can immediately start to sign A LOT of cases if you start to spend A LOT of money. But I’m an even stronger believer that if you want to maximize your sign up percentage, you need to begin thinking like a hungry attorney. And you need to start implementing procedures that are consistent with this mentality. Don’t believe me? That’s okay. Look over your shoulder. Here comes a hungry attorney looking to sign the same claimant you are. Good luck!

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Gary advises law firms, attorneys and legal organizations on the importance of creating, utilizing, managing and maximizing the intake process. He has worked with countless law firms in improving their intake process and, importantly, increasing their conversion percentages by creating customized programs to improve leadership, time management, project management, delegation, prospective client relations and case conversion skills.

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