Client retention is a fundamental component to the receipt of legal fees by any law firm. Unfortunately, what many law firms seem to neglect is the method and process associated with client retention. We refer to this as the intake process. Unlike cold calling, where salespeople seek to convince others of the value of a certain service or product, with personal injury cases, claimants are already interested in receiving a law firm’s services. Instead, what most personal injury claimants need is to be convinced that they called the right law firm. In today’s market, where law firm supply is at a high, a law firm’s ability to distinguish itself and convert potential leads into law firm clients is becoming significantly challenging. In order to separate yourself from your competition, you need to ensure that your law firm’s intake process is maximized.

At Maximum Intake Consulting, we help law firms, attorneys and legal organizations develop, implement and/or enhance their intake process by focusing on the procedures, people and methods of tracking in the intake process.

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