Intake is sales. And sales are only as good as the people who are selling the particular product or service. If you do not have the right people answering the phone for your law firm, you are most likely not maximizing the number of qualified leads you could be converting into law firm clients. In an ideal situation, you have a select group of people whose responsibilities would solely pertain to the intake process.

If you are letting paralegals and/or attorneys handle your intake process, you may be hurting your firm’s abilities to sign more cases. To ensure that you have the right people in place, you need to scrutinize their personality and responses on calls and periodically reassess them.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I listened to any intake calls recently?
  • Has my staff listened to their own intake calls?

If the answer to either of these questions is “no”, the time to start listening is now!

Your intake staff leaves the first impression of your law firm with potential new clients. It is imperative that your intake staff represent your firm in a professional , empathetic and knowledgeable manner. Moreover, it is equally important that you communicate your appreciation for your intake staff and the importance of what they do. There is nothing more convincing than having a valued employee be a spokesperson and willing representative for your law firm.

If you are interested in having your intake staff coached on intake procedures, phone etiquette and intricacies of their job responsibilities, contact us at (844) Max-Intake.

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Gary came and spoke with our intake staff on how we can improve our strategies and techniques. We learned so much and have a lot of new procedures we are working to put into place. We cannot wait to see how these changes help us grow as a firm. Thank you for all of your helpful insight, Gary. Truly a pleasure having you here in Raleigh with us!
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