It amazes me how many firms do not understand the great financial impact of implementing and using high functioning new case intake procedures. Even small mistakes can cost your firm millions of dollars a year, no matter how many new case intakes you have each year. The problem is often the result of the belief that we are doing everything the best it can be done since that is the way we always did it. The fact is most firms have never had their intake process analyzed by someone with the skills of a new case intake professional – NEVER!!  Times have changed – Big Time!  And so has the level of your competition. There are real game-changing new case intake procedures the vast majority of law firms lack, which if implemented, will greatly enhance your firm’s profitability, with little cost to the firm. Gary, by way of training he received running the intake department at Parker Waichman LLP and the systems he has learned since, has the ability to quickly analyze a firm’s intake procedures and recommend and implement policies and procedures that will greatly improve your firm’s profitability. I would not be surprised to see an increase in retained cases of 20% or more after Gary’s suggestions are fully implemented. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who wants to see a dramatic increase in the percentage of new cases retained by their firm.

- Jerry Parker, Owner at Parker Waichman LLP

Gary is a game changer! He truly “gets it” and provides a powerful but respectful outside voice. He has had a positive and dramatic impact on signed quality cases. We are only sorry we didn’t find Gary earlier. Our brand and intake has never been stronger...thanks to Gary’s valuable guidance and approach. 

- David Gruber, Owner at Gruber Law Offices LLC

There are few people I could recommend more highly than Gary.  His understanding of the intake process and his ability to execute separate him from virtually anyone else in the field.  Gary has an enthusiasm for intake, an area of most practices that is overlooked.  If you’ve taken your intake for granted, I promise you that you don’t know what you don’t know.  Intake is the most data driven area of any personal injury practice and it is only with intensity, training and dedication that you can uncover all the holes in your process and fill them so that you can be competitive in one of the world’s most competitive business models.  No matter how tight your intake process is, I can promise you that you are not as good as you think you are.  Working with Gary has opened my eyes to the fact that without constant oversight along with policies and procedures in place to plug the holes, you will always be missing/dropping cases and ultimately never be as profitable as you can be.

- Glen Lerner, Owner at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys

Gary was spot on with his intake recommendations. Gary partnered with our management team to do a deep dive into the capabilities of our department and our individual personnel. We then worked with Gary to organize the department and redo our procedures to maximize our intake process. We now chase all potential leads and make our sign-up appointments while the client is on his/her initial call. Our conversion rate is up significantly for the second straight year. Gary is the best at what he does.

- Michael Rosenzweig, Partner at Edgar Snyder & Associates, LLC

I'm a client of Gary's and only have great things to say about him. He knows his stuff and is conscientious and client oriented. He will improve your law firm, especially your intake. 

- Scott M. Anderson, Partner at Grimes Teich Anderson LLP

Gary is an expert in the field. He is professional, easy to work with and results-oriented.

- Nicole Cerullo, Legal Marketing Expert and Brand Strategist

Law firms have a fever: losing countless numbers of desirable cases at the point of intake. Gary is the doctor, and the cure is getting the right person to answer the phone, conveying the right message and tracking key performance indicators. Business-savvy law firms call Gary to fix their broken intake process and multiply their revenue.

- Larry Bodine, Attorney and Journalist

It has been a pleasure working with Gary Falkowitz and Maximum Intake Consulting. Gary has opened my eyes to all of the leaks in our intake system. Since we began working with him, we have seen an increase in the number of cases we have signed up. We haven’t increased our advertising or changed anything else, so I have every reason to believe the improvement is a result of working with him and his company. I certainly believe the money we spent with him has been money well spent which will come back to us many times over.

- Robert Gordon, Founding Partner at Gordon & Doner

As a lawyer who has practiced for over 30 years and as a founding partner of a successful firm in a very competitive market I thought I knew about all there was to know about handling intakes. Boy was I wrong!  The time and money that my firm spent with Gary was invaluable.  We saw immediate, dramatic and longstanding results.  The money we spent for his advice was dollar for dollar the wisest investment in my firm’s profitability I have ever made. Thanks!  

- Ted Rosenberg, Partner at Rosenberg & Gluck

Gary’s knowledge, thoroughness, dedication and ability has helped my firm tremendously in  securing and tracking high quality cases. His methodology and advice  has provided unparalleled profitability to the firm.

- Peter Cambs, Partner at Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross

I had the pleasure of working alongside Gary Falkowitz, Esq. in his capacity as Managing Attorney of the Intake Department of my former firm.  Bringing years of experience as a practicing litigator in mass tort cases and well as in single-event negligence matters, Gary developed and implemented systems and processes designed to maximize the rate of retention of cases that were "wanted" by the firm.  He trained a sizable staff of intake specialists, and his hands-on management style allowed them to perform their roles more effectively and encouraged them to be high achievers.  His ideas and hard work allowed the firm to consistently beat industry-wide percentages in converting intakes into the retainers that are the bread and butter of every firm.  I highly recommend Gary's services to any firm that wants to make the most out of its hard-earned marketing dollars.

- Daniel C. Burke, Partner at Bernstein Liebhard, LLP

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