If your law firm invests in marketing for personal injury cases, you would be remiss if you were not prepared when the phone begins to ring. The intake process is arguably the most important component when converting potential leads into law firm clients.

Having the right intake procedures in place is not only important; it is necessary!

Your intake procedures must be understood by everyone in your office who is responsible for answering the phone. For example, as part of your intake procedures, everyone involved in the intake process should be trained on the following :

  • What information to obtain from the claimant,
  • What message(s) to convey to the claimant,
  • How to get the claimant to sign with your law firm,
  • How to answer certain questions,
  • When to follow up with the claimant,
  • How frequent to follow up with the claimant,
  • When to get an attorney involved, among many other vital intake procedures.

At Maximum Intake Consulting, we help law firms develop and implement efficient, effective and powerful intake procedures from claimant inquiries to client retention.

If you are interested in developing/improving your intake procedures, contact us at (844) Max-Intake.

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Gary came and spoke with our intake staff on how we can improve our strategies and techniques. We learned so much and have a lot of new procedures we are working to put into place. We cannot wait to see how these changes help us grow as a firm. Thank you for all of your helpful insight, Gary. Truly a pleasure having you here in Raleigh with us!
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