Success Breeds Content

One of the general conclusions that I’ve reached as an Intake Expert/Consultant is that as we become more successful, we move away from what brought us success in the first place. Most successful personal injury attorneys started out hungry. And that hunger resulted in hustling. And I mean the type of hustling portrayed in the […]

It’s Time To Listen!

There are black holes all over the place when it comes to our Intake. But in order to fill them, we need to find them. One of the biggest black holes that I’ve uncovered for personal injury law firms throughout the country is how new calls are handled. Unless you’re listening to the calls, you[…..]

The Boiler Room Scene That Our Profession Can Learn A Lot From

“REEECCCCCCCOOOOOO!” If you’re not familiar with this scene and/or movie, go rent/dvr/purchase the movie right now. Seriously, go watch it. Without ruining it for you, the movie focuses on an illegitimate brokerage firm. Allow me to make something very clear. I do not condone the shady dealings of a fake brokerage firm nor do I[…..]

The Need for a GREAT Answering Service

I’m a little surprised that I am blogging about this topic but given all of the conversations that I’ve had with attorneys throughout the country, I believe it’s necessary to discuss. We are living in an age where we expect immediate results. The idea that people are patient or willing to wait for someone to[…..]