Monetize Your Referrals and Increase Revenue!

In most jurisdictions, attorneys are more than happy to honor referral fees for new clients. Ignoring for the moment each State’s requirements to earn an attorney’s fee or to be considered co-counsel, something has become all too familiar to me as an Intake Consultant. We (our industry) are not adequately monetizing the referral aspect of […]

Attorney Involvement At Intake

As someone who has consulted law firms throughout the country on their intake and focused on this area for the last five years, one of the most frequently asked questions that is posed to me is “How much involvement should my attorneys have with intake?” I’ve heard both sides of the argument. For instance, some[…..]

Start Managing Your Intake

If your firm is spending money to make the phone ring… wait, let’s rephrase this… If your firm is acquiring leads (it doesn’t matter if you’re spending money for those leads), you better be certain that you are handling those leads appropriately. And if you are a member of a larger firm (acquiring 20+ leads[…..]