At Maximum Intake Consulting, we provide consulting services and deliver motivating and thought-provoking presentations to law firms, attorneys and legal organizations at a time when the competition to sign cases is unprecedented. Our consulting services include development and implementation of customized intake processes, procedures and modes of tracking to ensure that a law firm’s conversion percentage, strength of brand, brand awareness and marketing campaigns are maximized.

Specifically, Maximum Intake Consulting can assist your law firm and legal professionals by:

  • Developing and implementing customized intake procedures,
  • Coaching/training employees who answer the phone,
  • Establishing/improving tracking procedures,
  • Helping to increase the number of leads obtained through co-counsel,
  • Helping to increase the number of leads referred to co-counsel,
  • Assisting in the conversion of closed leads into profitable clients,
  • Improving website content development,
  • Consulting on involvement in mass torts litigation,
  • Creating/strengthening brand awareness,

…among a host of other consulting services to help improve your law firm’s intake process.

Contact us today to find out how Maximum Intake Consulting can help your law firm prioritize, scrutinize and maximize your intake process.