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Since 2009, Gary has dedicated his career to maximizing the ROI of marketing campaigns for law firms. He believes that most law firms lose a significant percentage of revenue due to inefficient procedures, lack of accountability and inadequate resources at the front end of their business. In this book, Gary shares with his audience how best to tackle these black holes within the business of a law and provides clear and precise guidelines on how to ensure a maximized ROI.

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A fundamental aspect of any personal injury law firm is the intake process. Why? Because a law firm generally cannot receive a legal fee from a client that it has not retained .

Assuming that you obtain qualified leads, the next step is to sign the leads you want. If your law firm is unable to do this successfully, you will have lost the opportunity to earn a legal fee.

If you are not maximizing your intake process,
you are marginalizing your revenue.

At Maximum Intake Consulting, we can assist your law firm and legal professionals by:

  • Developing and implementing customized intake procedures
  • Coaching/training employees who answer the phone
  • Establishing/improving tracking procedures
  • Helping to increase the number of leads obtained through co-counsel
  • Helping to increase the number of leads referred to co-counsel
  • Assisting in the conversion of closed leads into profitable clients
  • Improving website content development
  • Consulting on involvement in mass torts litigation
  • Creating/strengthening brand awareness

among a host of other consulting services to help improve your law firm’s intake process.

Contact us today to find out how Maximum Intake Consulting can help your law firm prioritize, scrutinize and maximize your intake process.



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